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ຮັບສະໝັກພະນັກງານ Budget & Planning Executive

 Key Responsibilities:

• Comply with the approved policy of budgeting regarding the deadlines and the management of the budgeting process.

• Analyze company’s financial information (such as cash management٫ expenditures٫ and revenues) making sure that company’s financial operations do not exceed budget limits.

• Design effective budgeting policies and procedures٫ and manage their implementation.

• Consolidating the data for budget presentation and also providing an overview of the financial status of all the operations.

• Assisting in projecting future financial needs, taking into considerations the various projects undertaken by the organizations and also help the higher officials in management of financial resources.


• Sound knowledge of accounting principles, standards and regulations (locally and internationally)

• 5+ years experience as budget analyst or budget manager role. Retail experience is a plus.

• Good knowledge of MS Excel including advanced tools and formulas٫ complex tables and charts

• Profound experience of using forecasting and data analytics methods

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