Best Telecom

Web and App Developer

  • ໜ້າທີ່ພື້ນຖານ / Functional Area (XXXX) (Marketing, Sales, After Sales, Engineering, Business Development, Administration)
  • Design and create the web base or mobile application to use effectively and meet customers’ requirement
  • Be able to create and present the application plan for approval


  • ວິຊາການ / Knowledge Responsibilities:  (e.g. company process and standards, technical knowledge, market knowledge, competitors)
  • Knowledge of programing language to create Web/App such as Java, C++, Python, SQL, VB, etc.
  • Good managing database
  • Knowledge of online payment system
  • Follow the update IT trend in the world and competitors

      ຄວາມຮູ້, ຄວາມສາມາດແລະປະສົບການ / KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE:

     ຈຳເປັນ ແລະ ສຳຄັນ / ESSENTIAL:

Specify essential criteria. List 3-4 most important requirements in order

  • Web/App creation with database management, and language like Java, C++, Python, SQL, VB, etc.
  • Project Planning
  • Project Presentation
  • Used to create a good web/app