Best Telecom

Web and App Developer

Best Telecom is looking for Web and App developer candidate to be a part of our business.
▪︎ Key Responsibilities:
▪︎Design and create the web base or mobile application to use effectively and meet customers’ requirement
▪︎ Be able to create and present the application plan for approval
▪︎Knowledge of programming language to create Web/App such as Java, C++, Python, SQL, VB, etc.
▪︎Good managing database
▪︎ Knowledge of online payment system
▪︎ Follow the update IT trend in the world and competitors
▪︎ Web/App creation with database management, and language like Java, C++, Python, SQL, VB, etc.
▪︎ Project Planning
▪︎ Project Presentation
▪︎ Used to create a good web/app
Submit your CV via Email: or call for more information: 021 844 287.