Best Telecom

Assistant to Business Development Manager

Best Telecom is looking for Assistant to Business Development Manager candidate to be a part of our business.


  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Plan, design and create the application or web or project flow from nothing to completion phase based on customers’ requirements
  • Provide the support elements of each development to make sure it’s accurate, suitable or competitive. Such as competitor product survey, support data, etc.
  • Design the front end by working with marketing team
  • Delegate tasks to team members and follow up closely.


  • Specify essential criteria. List 3-4 most important requirements in order
  • Project Planning, Management and Presentation
  • Software and Application knowledge (IOS, Android, Coding, etc.)
  • Knowledge of project planning and management
  • Knowledge of technology such as Mobile App, Web App, Ms Office, etc.
  • Knowledge of telecommunication and its basic mechanism
  • Knowledge of presentation both hard file or verbal


Submit your CV via Email: or call for more information: 021 844 287