Best Telecom

Best Telecom is looking for a Web and App developer

Best Telecom is looking for a Web and App developer candidate to be part of our business.
• Major responsibility duties:
o Design and build a website or mobile application framework to use efficiently and meet customer needs
o Be able to create and submit application plans for approval
o – have knowledge of programming languages to build any Web/App such as ReactJS, React Native, NextJs, Flutter and others
o Experience with general back-end development tools such as ExpressJS, Node, ASP, etc.
o Familiarity with RESTful APIs
o Knowledge of modern licensing mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
o Knowledge of MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, MySQL database…
o Familiarity with {{code} tools such as Git, Vs code… ,}}
o a good database of management
o Knowledge of online payment system
o Stay updated on global IT trends and competitors
o Numbers, skills and majority:
o Project planning
o Presentation of the project
o use to make a good website/app
Send your resume via Email: recruitment@besttelecom. la or call for more information: 021 844 287.