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What is Best TV ? It is a modern television service through IP technology that bring many outstanding features including: Standard Definition (SD) which is similar to typical television system; High Definition (HD), it brings true soundtrack experience from the movies where we select the channels of both domestic and foreign for your 24-hour viewing pleasure (4 channels are HDs qualities). We are strongly committed to develop modern television system to increase to 100 channels that cover all dimensions of the society where the state, private, and international audiences can consume reliable and up-to-date information, knowledge update, and bring maximum benefits to the audiences. We shall improve the outstanding features and variety of modern television services including: the record of interesting programs that you have missed during the live broadcast; increase of the movie theater systems; karaoke system; library system; and others. The technical difference between Best TV and conventional tv system is that we have the transmitting house at our office that enables us to control the contents. The broadcasting system to our audiences is transmitted through the existing fiber optic cables that we have provided variety of services that include high speed FTTx. In terms of the service point: the outstanding feature of the network, you can read more information about the FTTx service. The registration for Best TV is convenient if you have installed FTTx service with Best Telecom, you are eligible to apply from multiple channels with Best Telecom that include call directly with the service center at: 021 858888 or fill out the contact form on our website where we can contact you later. If you have not applied for FTTX service, we suggest you to use our service first so that you can experience the variety of modern technology available. You can read more details about the FTTx service. This service allows the audiences of the municipal, major districts, and other economic cities to experience. We are ensuring the whole country could gradually benefit from the crucial services that support the sustainable social-economic developments of the country.

Standard of Services

Best Telecom is the service-oriented provider, we have the Contact Center with 24-hour stationed by our staffs who are available to pick-up the phone call; give recommendations on the basic troubleshooting; In case the problems are from the misuse or mistarget of the technology; faulty of the equipment, we need to send the experts to solve the services, so that the services can be restored back to normal. Nowadays, we would like to express our apologizes that the technical is not fully functional and we request for your cooperation to keep in touch with our team. If the problems are outside your home.
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  • Application conditions
Must reside in Lao PDR and have clear permanent settlement. Equipment needed for this service include: computer; notebook; tablet; smartphone; and internet connected devices.

Contact us at the Call Centre: 1833