Best Telecom

Fiber Internet Service

What is Fiber ? It is a lease internet cable service through the fiber optic cables for our customers. Use of digital technology of the telecommunication specifically on the use of Core Network for our customers through the transmission cables or IP Network to ensure the security, stability of the signal from the service point to the consumer homes. Variety of technology can be adapted depending on the consumer needs, the bandwidth of the channel is unlimited depending of the use needs.

Once the customers installed the technology for their homes or offices, they can use the channel for multiple purposes including: general internet uses; website; email of the organization; ICT services; and other extra internet services.

In addition, Best Telecom emphasizes on the infrastructure developments of the underground fiber optic cables and modern equipment that are capable of serving the needs of the Party-Government and the society.

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Shall be settled in Laos permanently; have permanent address and devices ready (including: computer, notebook, tablet, smart phone and other internet connected devices)

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