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An internet lease line using DPLC

What is an internet lease line using DPLC? It is the service that uses fiber optic cables for domestic use of the consumers through modern transmission line that creates the route connecting one point to another as the internet network.

The internet lease line service ensures high security, stable transmission signa, high security for users.

The service is similar to IP VPN, MPLS services. What sets it apart is the service techniques. Lease line services through IP VPN, MPLS is through the internet network where the origin and destination have specific equipment for the modification of signal in to the circuit between the origin and destination. Nowadays, the services are varied so cut the costs for consumers. However, the network lacks trust when it comes to the data security.

This type of service is suitable for those who need to connect the database between the headquarter and its branches; service center; sales room; and sales agent offices that have a separate office. In addition, it is suitable to be built as the CCTV system and other related security system.

Moreover, Best Telecom emphasizes on the building of fiber optic network that is the national strategic network; building of the quality fiber optic cable for consumers by building underground pipes in major cities. Whereas the distributed network to the clients’ home is through the air that support the convenience of installation while maintaining the service quality and time-savings.

For the above service, the consumers can apply for the services within the provinces, districts that are economically and politically important of the country. The service ensures nation-wide service delivery in accordance with the policy of the Party regarding the ICT development to support sustainable economic development of the nation.

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