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Post Paid Packages

Best Mobile – Post Paid

Best Telecom provides the best Post Paid service to Lao market. You will be able to make voice call, SMS and mobile internet (4G) through our coverage from North to South of Laos.

We currently offer Best packages for you as followings.

  • Student, Government officer, Police and Soldier – 10.000 Kip and get 2.000 MB (2 GB)*
  • Eco Package – 15.000 Kip per month and get 3.000 MB (3 GB)
  • Entry – 50.000 Kip and get free internet (data) of 15.000 MB (15 GB)
  • Executive – 100.000 Kip and get 30.000 MB (30 GB)
  • Management – 150.000 Kip and get 65.000 MB (65 GB)

The voice call is just 300 Kip per minute and SMS within Best Telecom network is just 100 Kip/SMS and to other networks is 200 Kip/SMS.

* Student package must show the student card issued by school, college or university.

* Government officer, Soldier and Police must have staff card or certificate from organization.

How to start using Best Mobile:

  • You must turn on the “Data Roaming”
  • You must create a new APN on data setting menu
    • Name: Best
    • APN: best
    • Then tick or select this APN to start using
  • If you internet is not stable, you can switch the data mode to 3G or 5G (auto) until the next announcement from Best Telecom.